Good Courage


For of a good cause

We need this more than anything from the true source

From whom the heavens sprung forth
Setting the agenda straight and leading the chart giving purpose to every living creature including the moth
In a moment of time where nothingness found a free and genuine reason to patrol in the universe
The Creator whom we serve still did not call it adverse
He placed in everyone of us many virtues for sustenance
From the world to stake our neck to a true stance
The Father of many nations by it made giant strides
Fought his own fear and doubts from many sides
It is a good thing
It brings honour for the end enclosed in a ring
Taking sides should be with the sense of the Spirit’s leading
So much that we are found at all times feeding
Dependent on the Word of God to break all shackles
To crossover the many seemingly insurmountable hurdles
It is an unwise saying to think not of such a glory
To be empowered by this virtue a and not worry
Peter twice lost it before he was self-confident
But I tell you it is not only this though pertinent
Embedded in this is good courage from the scriptures
We are opportune to have at our disposal in many fixtures
In lots and lots of chapters
These are saying wrote of old
They indeed still carry power  yet untold
Mysterious revelations if you yearn for concerning your life you will see
Catch many blessing as was told of Peter in the boat on the sea
Be thou strong and courageous
Don’t think life to be outrageous
Stop and acknowledge grace
And the Lord will order your steps through life’s race 


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