Preservation with integrity

It is a good thing to abstain from the wrong
From them that were not considered among
Our nature from creation has been solely to live right
To acknowledge that everything done will definitely come to light
When I come to think of this
It makes me think it it is so impossible even when we include please
From the storehouse of the righteous
Who can take away this precious gift which is so pious
What is the unique virtue which stands out to the blessed
To live in utmost state of integrity and remained unstressed
Our divisions in attitude and viewpoints will be tested
What are steadily required by our faculties are that we maintain an undiluted zeal
To lead surely and to make bare our ability to heal
If we choose in one way to go
It should be the path divinely revealed
We should keep in remembrance whose seed we have by His Son sealed
This happened in case you have forgotten was to keep you till the perfect day
To preserve us when we transgress the original way
There are so many opportunities that may seem best
It is only a matter of being sensitive to decifer on from the rest
This shows how prepared we are for the task he has prepared
We may have to daily ask for security
A day without spiritual awareness is dangerous making yourself prone to diverse infirmity
But to have a genuine and intimate walk
To know and be in His presence where it will not be only our talk
But our mere sincere attitude
Thus make us continually declare and live with fortitude
We are because He has exalted us far from insanity
Place us in the seat where we deserved with integrity and honesty


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