Healing by Intention, the Personality of Jesus

Straight forward to the wilderness
He met the foreseen enemy standing tall without doublemindedness
Many knew what He could do though they believed not
Assuring the doubtful and resorting to the Holy Scriptures telling them they by Him have been bought
The yearning and unresilient reach out to Him from afar
A miracle they sort for not with their wish to have Him with them apart
The wise men looked for Him by a star
Ever sure happenings around Him though things may look bizarre
By His stripes we all have escaped the fiery darts
Lived on earth drove and spoke in many parts
Mighty works were done by Him to the extent of doing the humanly impossible
Tried and proven these seemed surely incredible
From the point of the age of twelve to thirty He studied
His ministry was recorded because His purpose was not buried
He need to see through lives uncertainties
So when performing man’s desire He does it in numerous quantities
He changed the normally unthought of
Many did not believe an some to a stage did cough
When the point to establish His season was come
Then he marveled as was brought to being to indicate He was up to something to the totality for some
These wonders were not half-baked
They were evident for this and could not have being faked
Only because he had hoped in a greater one no one sited in a yard
It never to a bit was sad
He healed the lad
He healed the insane that many thought He was mad
He healed by mercy the woman with the issue of blood
To the point of where she bled but had no pad
Yes she herself knew and cried for her healing
It was done with no charge, not a cent billing
Just a transfer of power to an infilling
So all may know it’s noyt man’s dealing
Healing untugged, unfavoured
Pricelessly and was timely orchestrated
For the prophecy to be fulfilled that
By His stripes, healing may proceed before He went to the heaved and sat


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