Perfect Peace

Tearing off the garments is not any bit of freedom
Breaking away aside leaving on the mighty hands relieves man from boredom
It least worries such a personality
Even to the point it may seem insanity
Through the unseen schemes
Blessed be to God that we sail through them every moment in time by His deposit in a form of hymns
My Principe is never outwitted by what He had fashioned
Should I disagree I fall short of being captioned
Every single detail of me He is aware
Life’s tragedies and infirmities though they may seem unfair
My soul hears
Thence my body begins to redo all it fears
Do it lies on him to upgrade to meet His stature
Pure, holy and affirmable that I will be secured towards no one’s venture
He insists that my anxieties do not overwhelm me
That it’s the way to joy and happiness, the key
I am plugged to the eternal grace which sustains
My refreshing thoughts He keeps bay and ever retains
The changes of life bring much more than I can imagine
Some good and others the extreme opposite but He lives in me igniting me daily like an engine
It’s worth worth it only if my heart stays close
Through it all I was the only one He chose
He gave me unceasing power
Every minute and every hour
Living out of my comfort zone
Knowing that He’ll speak to me in a soft tone
I hear it so clear unblurred with opened eyes
Trying to reach to my 0 putting away all malicious liespll
In fact it took pain for the war to settle
It was so heated up my instincts nearly succumbed like water in a kettle
Cruising into the highways of freedom was my wish
I yearned solely to escape hurriedly it looked like I was feverish
I was still when finally I got there
My beard and skin were all gone to the point I lost all my hair
It was true when my instincts said silently
I would keep you in “perfect peace”
It took some time for resorption of these
It was hard but at the long run
It was way within me and manifesting than I needed to trust even in the sun
I give you peace
Perfect peace with all ease
That will never cease
No one can destabilize and even the joker can never tease
Because all things are for Him and yeah are His


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