Basking in God’s goodness

,In the life men are abominable traits
But for the life in Christ is joy flowing unbroken at splendid rates
How the poor jubilates on reception of basic needs
It’s not the will of them but then they appreciate and look forward to sow more seeds
Personified, “seeds” to fully devote their entire life
To mab of any status for hardwork to resolve and derive
It’s for His love that all was made available
Even the strand of hair is numbered and so incredible
To every readiness on man’s is foreplanned
To escape and fall away His mercy through the precious blood makes full demand
Creation will say many things of precious worth
Confirmed with veracious cry of much networth
The redeeming power of the lamb
Brought together a greater power to revive and transform the mediocre life
Where your mind cannot comprehend
But so devout to the point your clothes you rend
For His promises are yes and best
It will be needful and a true test
Coming into contact with the great but in all still remain humble
He will for nothing risk loosing you not even to gamble
His goodness paves for transition to unending riches
Riches of all diversities released beyond to many cities
The promise of this outpour is with high intensities
Not because we have worked so hard
It’s just grace that keeps us on guard
My testimony of His love is yet to be known
In it’s complete form it’s never of my own
For it’s not only for the grown
Mended in our hand from calamities and falls right there was He having it sown
Living it is not something we should not take delight
Some wish they could take just a bite
It’s all about how you condition your thoughts
Acting on it forgetting about about what is not
Showing a sense of gratitude
Just the way to forever stay exalted over the multitude
When He turns on your petitions
It may seem your answer to the long-said confessions
Going beyond what He is able to do
Definitely it is the norm He known wayback
Numbering the lot He has taken us through
Even the encyclopedia cannot trace and tell who
For it is in the witness by the Holy Spirit
That all flesh will know we are one unit
That there is a pillar we are holding on to
Despite all we have lost in the past still grace and mercy was never impromptu
Open heavens to the one in right standing
For by this he is able to relate and receive His blessing unending
We are basking in His grace
Lost where no creature seeking the worst of us could trace.


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