Principles of timing

Time,a treasure and an inadvertently treasured resource
One need to tread the true intended course
The lights dim and bright but the wise knows when to intrude
I selfishly said I’m good
But when the fleeting moments passed by I reminiscence and did understand
The effects of time re purported in seasons by diligence
Outside this we may hide under the act of cowardice
It is rare to see the obeisance of man in the midst of calmness
In the raging seas that seem disturbing brings him in strict alertness
It’s not wholely about cleverliness
So said and defend truthfully as it goes beyond harness
I mean togetherness
Growing no string o even a little weariness
Taking for granted nothing in the King’s presence
A cycle of transition us a short of impartation
It may never come but by one ad only one visitation
Evaluation of he benefits and time to reach that long desired approach
This requires the unique prioritization if its components
Nevertheless it can be quite unassuming but how time flies with no trace at the blink of one’s eye
Not even to look back to take another try
It I’d a prerequisite
Though subjectively it may seem explicit
It cannot be done away with
We may say it’s unfortunate for now and lay at this end a wreath
Bit that’s not all to time
Time spans as fraction of eternity
For man’s quota is to observe it with simplicity
It’s ordinarily a cool ride
All with his maker in His side
Just the passage of time causes many reactions to cause the mortal man’s body to disintegrate
Penetrating the soul to transform the the body is the Word He has to daily inculcate
Its not a debate
For His glorious transition was a mandate
The earlier the better before it is too late
For when all is said and done there is no “wait”
Is time finishing or growing old?
In fact neither define the expression or definition to the experienced being told
It’s more precious than gold
For to see the other side you nerd to be tenacious and bold
Except for the set agenda of God
Time would have been lost from man’s sight as intimacy is peaked with us all on board regarding Him as Lord.


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