Definite Purpose

It is a test of endurance in the present time for man
They lie wait to see if he can
Blessed be to God who has foreknown
But for ourselves we would have stumbled and lost all that in times past have sown
Concrete is the of the Lord’s shielding effect
Turning and purging the undeserving to be perfect
He saw the counter attempt
Definitions and intending gifts were met from the pessimistic with various contempt
So has He before the break of eternity declared
For His Sovereignty no one has and could have ventured
So powerful and beaming to penetrate all obstacles
Seeing through the set tentacles
Much more solid so all will see His handiwork
Covered and washed in the blood without speck
All hands and minds on deck
They hold us defensively into greatness escaped from the shipwreck
Encounter with the present may look gloomy
To the yesterday as a reference it may seem a long journey
Emptiness set in we had a penny
Conversely it is the future destination that we see
It matters considerably for the chosen because it is key
Challenging him through the billows ahead
Makes him not wandering but wise instead
So many people have put up their views and gone as far and said
They claim it was revealed and then heard
To the possessor there needs to be a confirmation
Breaking away what may seem to be the general thought and conversation
It’s narrowed because He has only one agenda
The most unexpected of creation would have been that the refused and did not bother
By reminding Him of all the great things in view
He sees our seriousness not delaying the new
To many who oppose
It is not worth it cause the opportunities are to the able without repose
So all things done on earth may be complete
No one in other in other voice calls Him a cheat
It is joyful to know and live a mark
God is the author and has got your back
He is not like them who sees your worth and tries to hack
Yeah, I’m now previewed to to inscribe what was before
To the whole generation and beyond I saw
I saw that our our call was great
We have no choice to wait nor allude to debate

Thank you.


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