On the Highway

Throughout the entire creation
We found elegance without an aorta doubt or substitution
May be would have thought otherwise but the truth still stands
We are leads but in our own ways for truth told as it demands
We fought helplessly thinking we could amass this fleeting treasure
But somehow it was substandard and far away from His measure
Oh how our ways seem pleasant
Sometimes yes because we fall in consonance with divine will as stepwise He remains our confidant
Exclusively we choose to be
Out of mere mistrust we fall short of the covenant
Many strategies are the sorts of man
But a true end it one willing to always say I can
Taking sides irrespective of the consequences
The result we must be ready to bare with or without any pleasantries
Structured with all the intelligent ideas
But can you achieve all in the mean of time without fears
Certainly yes
How but never i n a mess
Not even to topple of to guess
But in His name we operate without even a minute of duress
Cause the glorious pathway we have treaded on are inclined to reach the certain purpose
Many schemers may skillfully compose
Inconsistently He on the throne will not allow
But for our total submission were He wholeheartedly did for us endow
So much more we could ask on this earth
But certainly there is a peak
Where we will fall to nowhere and may be freak
To fall in His arms safely is the best thing
He is more than the earth King
Greater and stronger for to say much more for He is unseen
Assuredly we will reach the heights aspired and crossover
Bigger and greater accomplishment the blessings will runover
Sometimes it looks like He works undercover
Even the big shots cannot comprehend love at times they shiver
Remember the high mountains are attainable
Personified in the goal that seemed unreachable
But He who lives there is well able to take you there
For all things are in His hands even the gold, frankincense and the myrrh


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