Prosecution Escaped

Above all the sword could do
I had my share of the castigating comments too
He took many and probably most of them
It was like it is that He is a royal gem
The truth from the time said about that He is loyal even then
It is then a popular statement as a national anthem
I deserved more and more of what my forefathers saw Him go through
But there in those days they asked in their minds who?
Indeed who can bare this grief?
It is so amazing that a human could be born for the world’s relief
If my memory serves me right
The Scripture recorded every detail in depth and height
From birth to ultimately death
Every year on this earth His assignment was was prophesied and forth-said
Recorded in the Old Testament
Sealed by the blood which makes things permanent
Indication of His power at present
With the stern approach to make me decent
I heard him when he gently spoke
When I deserved it but opted to take my place and bore my yoke
My worries were ultimately over as He took on the cloak
By counsel He thought of me to have been rescued
Talks with Him in the higher seat delivers us from guilt and being sued
He never left me comfortless
The nature of remembering the past was a torture making me calmless
I could further elaborate to say restless
Thanks be to God that I stayed focus
For He adds to the diligent long-life as a bonus
A great deal of time is come on this earth
Many will be taken by surprise abruptly at breadth
Running through the length and width finding nothing
So glad His promise is sure symbolic by the signet ring
Knocking again because His promise is in progress
To guard that I do not digress
I’m coming through because I have won
I was laughed so much to scorn
I felt like never to be born
As a farmer plants a grain of corn
I believe in His mercies that I will sprout to serve my generation in the absence of the prior generation
It was a serious ordeal
He was so bitter and thus could to take any meal
However for the good and change of diverse course
His words are final because He is the boss
He showed many signs of giving up at anything by remorse
Had no chance as Abraham had to substitute a man for an animal
Even though He was innocent but many assumed He was a criminal
The judgement seat is more than a tribunal
But we have escaped them all thanking Him with a hymnal


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